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Everglades National Park, a vast expanse of roughly 1.5 million acres, is the largest sub-tropical wilderness in the United States and is the third largest National Park in the lower 48 (Death Valley and Yellowstone are 1 and 2 respectively). The Park was declared an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site and Wetlands of International Importance – only one of three locations in the world to appear on all three lists. The Park boasts 36 species of endangered or threatened protected in the Park. There is no end to the adventure that awaits you at Everglades National Park, from bird watching, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, and camping…it’s an adventure in waiting.

Tip: Everglades National park is a great place for airboat rides, alligator sightseeing, bird watching, and tons of other adventures.

Everglades National Park
40001 State Road 9336
Homestead, Florida 33034-6733
Visitor Information: (305) 242-7700
Emergencies in Park: (305) 242-7740

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